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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our focus

The group focuses on computational modelling of fluid dynamics (CFD) and reaches out to many connected areas. We deal with a wide scope of applications:

In our research, we make use of a wide experimental basis of our institute, which provides us feedback on the results of our computations. More detailed information on our research is available here or here.

Collaboration with commercial companies

We provide our commercial customers with a background of highly qualified personnel experienced in the areas listed above. More detailed information about our services and references may be found „here“. If required, we can support our computational studies and simulations by the background of modern labs and facilities.

Student participation

We pay maximum attention to students working on diploma and doctoral theses. Within the work on theses, our students get in touch with the solution of research projects. Numerous theses are inspired and coordinated with companies.

The work with sophisticated CAD and CFD tools requires training, which is most effective when there is continuity of bachelor and diploma theses. More information (in Czech) may be found here. Currently open topics are available in the web section Education here.

Contact information

If you wish to collaborate with us, please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Jiří Hájek, Ph.D.
group leader
Institute of Process Engineering
building D5 (NETME Centre), 4th floor, office No. 442
email: Jiri.Hajek@vut.cz
mobile: +420 608 431 413
phone: +420 54114 4942



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