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Specialized research groups of the Institute were established quite naturally on the basis of executing prestigious strategic projects (e.g. research plan, national research plan, NETME Centre, Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Competence Centre), core research and teaching activities and cooperation with industrial and municipal partners. The groups cover a range of research domains and provide teaching of relevant subjects.

Activities of the individual research groups of the Institute cooperate intensively, which enables to carry out even large research or commercial projects.

Energy and Simulation

The group is focusing on effective utilisation of energy in the area of municipal and small industrial power utilities. (more)

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes

Optimization of industrial processes and individual equipment in order to reduce the consumption of energy. (more)

Thermal Processes and Gas Cleaning

The activities cover the areas of combustion processes, flue gas and waste gas cleaning technologies, and alternative fuels utilization. (mo­re)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The group is focusing on simulations and modelling of gas, liquid and multiphase systems. (more)

Equipment design

The group concentrates on design and evaluation of process equipment in terms of strength and lifetime according to legislation and standards. (more)

Design and Simulation of Heat Transfer Equipment and Processes

The activities focus on thermal-hydraulic design and simulations of heat transfer equipment and their systems for process and power industries. (mo­re)



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